About CK Courier Solutions

Our Journey

Our journey began in 2012, when the directors decided to invest their expertise and passion for the industry in to starting their own company. As a result, CK Courier Solutions Ltd was born.

Our Mission

To provide professional courier services through our commitment to a happy work environment and outstanding customer service.

Our Values

With our customers and employees at the heart of our existence, we incorporate these values in to everything that we do:

Providing outstanding Customer Service
Commitment to carrying the name of our customers with pride
Offering Efficient and cost-effective courier solutions to our customers
Integrity in our pricing and how we operate
Forward Thinking in our ambition, to be the best that we can be.

Meet The Team

Our experienced team dedicate their lives to helping our customers.....ok, that is an exaggeration, but they do enjoy it! Kelvin has had varied career that has seen him go from professional rugby league to transport, via IT installation and sales positions. He has been running small businesses since 1998. Michelle has been with CK since 2013 and has previously held high profile positions with large, national companies.

Our team are very experienced and friendly, they are the face of our business and a crucial part of our operation. The team makeup is incredibly consistent and long-standing, as staff are carefully selected on the basis of their personality, attitude and commitment to customer service.


Ian is our longest serving Team Member, having joined us in early 2015. He is closely followed by Tony, who also joined us in 2015. Tyler is Kelvin's son and he rejoined the business mid 2019, after a (character building) period of two years tasting the corporate life. He is currently learning all aspects of running a small business, in order to allow Kelvin to spend more time fishing and playing golf in his old age. Continuing the family theme that runs through the core of CK, our Customer Service Manager, Jordan is Michelle's son. Possessing a strong work ethic, he too is learning the ropes of running a business from the ground up and was promoted to his current role in May 2021. Keith is a bubbly member of the team, who has now been with us for over two years. Colin, Paul and Paul are the newest members of the CK team, all joining us in our recent growth spurt. Gary has rejoined us this year, after leaving us last year to take some time away.

Here is our team, along with some light hearted tidbits about each of them:

CK Couriers Managing Director Kelvin Gearing

Kelvin Gearing

Managing Director

Kelvin likes to relax when he is away from the office and he seeks solace in more peaceful environments. Fishing ponds with no phone signal, are where he is likely to be spotted on a day off.

Tyler Gearing, Customer Advisor at CK Couriers Liverpool

Tyler Gearing

Team Member

Tyler has recently been moved from an admin role, to Team Member so that he can learn the business from the ground up. He enjoys playing video games (like most youngsters) mountain biking and hiking.

Ian Peers, CK Couriers Team Member

Ian Peers

Team Member

Ian enjoys sunsets and long, bare foot walks on the beach. We think that he may have got the wrong idea when we asked him for a short bio! Ian has been with us for over five years.


Gary McKeown

Team Member

Gary likes football and is the only Everton fan at CK. He attends more live games than the other staff, though to be fair, it is far easier to get tickets at Goodison than Anfield!

CK Couriers Financial Director Michelle Lee

Michelle Gearing​

Finance Director

Michelle likes to spend her time reading and watching cooking shows. She has recently taken up crochet, we are hoping that this isn't an indication of a mid-life crisis on the horizon.

Tony Goodwin, CK Couriers Team Member

Anthony Goodwin

Team Member

Tony is often spotted in Kirkby's finest tanning salons. We are not saying he is vain, but our hi-vis vests were swapped from yellow to orange at his request...........to better match his complexion!


Keith Moore

Team Member

Keith is a massive Liverpool Football Club fan. Personal circumstances have seen him visited at home by the (replica) Premier League trophy from the 2019/2020 campaign.


Paul Robinson​

Team Member

Paul is a qualified F.A. coach, but has never used his skills & knowledge. He is also a black belt in kick boxing and has eight years experience in Krav Maga... what ever that is!

Jordan Firth, CK Courier Solutions Team Leader.

Jordan Firth

CS Manager

If you press pause at the right time and squint really hard, you can see Jordan in the crowd during the famous "Wide to West" try by St.Helens RLFC against Bradford Bulls many years ago.


Colin Grogan

Team Member

Colin has been affectionately named "Grogu" by Michelle. Apt, as he is a big Star Wars fan. He describes himself as a former playboy come settled family man. He still has blacked out windows on his car.


Paul Constantine

Team Member

Paul is a laid back, relaxed kind of chap. He is a keen power lifter, so if you book in some work with heavy lifting involved, we will probably be sending Paul the beefcake to you.