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CK Couriers Environmental Policy view of Lake Vrynwy

Environmental Policy


CK Courier Solutions Limited is fully committed to improving its environmental footprint. Our goal is to reach net-zero in line with government requirements and we are continuously looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Policy Statement

The Company is aware of the impact of the industry on the environment and is committed to reducing this as much as possible. The Company has implemented the following practices:

Fuel and Emissions

The Company takes the following steps to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment:


  • All staff are encouraged to drive in a fuel-efficient manner, this is actively monitored and assessed through KPI’s during staff briefings

  • All vehicles are tracked. This is to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions and to also allow the Company to monitor staff driving patterns

  • All Company vehicles are of at least Euro 6 standard to reduce emissions and improve engine efficiency

  • Company vehicles use Ad-Blue to help reduce harmful emissions into the environment

  • Routes are calculated using efficient, modern software. This ensures the most fuel/carbon efficient route is always taken.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

We are committed to using a carbon footprint calculator to monitor the impact of our operation on the environment. We are also able to provide our clients with the calculations, enabling you to monitor the impact of your operation.

Tree Planting

We are in the process of joining a Tree Buddying scheme, to help offset some of our carbon footprint. This is done by a third-party organisation planting trees on our behalf in a location of our choosing.


The Company recycles 100% of plastic, cardboard and metals that are used at the Company premises.

Single Use Plastic and Packaging

To eliminate the single use packaging waste produced by the Company, the Company actively encourages staff to find alternatives to purchasing single use packaging products while at work by doing the following:

  • Providing all members of staff with re-usable bottles and travel mugs

  • Providing alternative products to ones that are packaged in individual or single use packaging

  • Training and educating staff


Staff are encouraged to return all packaging they do use whilst on duty to the Company premises for recycling.

Paper Usage

The Company is committed to operating a paperless system wherever possible. We take advantage of the latest cloud-based technology for document sharing and storage and we use electronic invoicing as standard. When hard copy printing is necessary, we always use duplex printing if possible, saving on both paper and ink usage.


Within CK Courier Solutions Limited, responsibility for ensuring compliance with this policy rests with the Directors and all members of staff. The Directors have overall responsibility for ensuring that junior staff implement this policy.

Future Improvements

The Company is committed to monitoring technology available and will look to replace the current fleet with electric vehicles when this becomes realistic for a nationwide delivery service.

Policy Awareness

A copy of this policy statement will be given to all new members of staff, sub-contractors and interested third parties. All staff and relevant third parties must be familiar with and comply with the policy at all times.

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