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June & July 2023 Driver of the Month

Summer is usually a busy time for us and this year has been no different. Since the pandemic, the industries we mainly serve during this period have shifted, but the workload remains constant. Always a good thing! Due to our workload, we didn't have the chance to post the results for June, so this is a double post.

First up, June. Dave Driscoll topped the board, followed by Darren McCartney in second place and Tony Goodwin in third. Well done everyone.

On to July and Darren regained top spot, having finished second in June as previously mentioned. Paul Baker came second and long time staff member Ian Peers made the podium for once in third place. We may need a stewards inquiry and an archive check, but it is believed at this time that this is the first time that Ian has had his name up in lights. Well done Ian, Darren and Paul. Hopefully August won't be announced so late and we have just realised that we have no staff photo of Paul!

CK Couriers driver of the month, Chris Bailey.
CK Couriers driver of the month, Darren McCartney.

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