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Courier Services: Technical Courier

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

In our previous blog entries, we have discussed two of our core services (same day and medical) in more depth. Today, it is the turn of our technical courier service. This post will hopefully give a better understanding of exactly what a technical courier is and if it can be of help to your business.

Kelvin comes from an IT background and his original business (Kage Interactive) was actually an IT company, started in 1998. Kage Interactive offered a varied portfolio of services, including: PC repair, web design, SQL coding and play by email games. As a business, Kage technically existed all the way through to 2009. In around 2005, Kelvin started to install hardware around the UK for Fujitsu and the business evolved away from home based services, eventually being renamed Kage Express Delivery in 2006. Kelvin retains his interest in the IT sector and brought his knowledge with him to CK.

So, now we have some background in to why CK offer a technical courier service, what exactly is it? Well, put simply, it is a courier service tailored for the requirements of (mainly) IT or science related companies. A technical courier goes one step beyond the typical delivery service and merges with the role of an engineer to become a kind of super courier! A technical courier usually installs the equipment that they are delivering at the end user site. Typical installs would include: computers, visual products, printers and card readers etc.

At CK, our technical courier services include the following:

  • IT and technology deliveries

  • On-site equipment installations

  • Equipment swap outs 

  • Unpacking and packaging removal

  • Equipment collection and disposal

We are available for one off jobs, or for contract requirements. Do you have a business that has an equipment supply contract, but lacks the infrastructure to carry out field based maintenance? Outsourcing that element of your business to us can be extremely cost effective, when compared to the cost of supplying vehicles and employing engineers.

If you would like to know more about exactly what we can do to help your business, then please, get in touch.

CK Courier Liverpool technical courier service.
Look how happy Michelle is with our tech installing skills!



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