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Covid-19 Service Update: Mask Usage

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

As we are sure everyone is aware, the mandatory mask mandate in the UK has been dropped from today (19.07.21). As a business that has operated throughout the entire pandemic, we have had to adapt and change as we have gone along. Following the rule change, we are now adopting the following position on mask wearing:

  • All deliveries to domestic premises and medical facilities will still require the wearing of a face mask by all members of staff. No exceptions.

  • Deliveries to commercial premises will require members of staff to obey the onsite rules. I.e., if a face mask is required on any site, then one must be worn.

  • In all other circumstances, the use of face masks is down to the employee and their personal preference.

We expect all of our staff to be respectful of the choices of others. We understand that many people are apprehensive about the lifting of the mask mandate and this has been communicated to all members of staff. As a business, we will continue to supply our staff with the relevant PPE for the foreseeable future.

CK Couriers Liverpool, Covid-19 service update.
Covid-19 Service Update: Mask Usage


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