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Customer Service on Another Level

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Hi everyone, just a quick post to tell you about some feedback that we recently received. Whilst waiting to collect on a customers' site last week, Tyler stepped up and saved someone's day! The lady in question had attended a clinic for a Covid "fit to fly" test and discovered she had forgotten her bank card. On seeing the lady in distress, Tyler paid for the test for her and she later transferred the funds back to his bank account. Our customer was so impressed, that they contacted the office to inform us of what had happened. They later supplied us with this written review.

Excellent service! One of the drivers Tyler, went above and beyond his call of duty. We had a very distraught patient that had forgotten her card, to pay for her PCR test without hesitation Tyler stood up and came to her rescue. He paid for the patients test and she transferred him the money to his account, we can’t thank him enough.
A big thanks from all at Dam Health Manchester. 😊
Jane Jackson

We are obviously all very proud of Tyler and his actions. A shining example of how we operate as a company. I sense an employee of the month award incoming! We don't actually have any recent pictures of him in uniform, but here is a personal one he supplied us with, showing his smiley disposition.


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