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Is it Spring Yet?

The beginning of spring is a great time of the year. The dark nights are fading, the weather is getting warmer and the daffodils and crocuses are popping up along the hedgerows. Those beautiful little flowers bring much needed colour, after the bleakness of winter. I have always believed spring to be the months of March, April and May. Over the years, I have heard announcements heralding the first day of spring on what seemed to me random dates. So this year, I decided to look in to it and answer the question: is it spring yet?

Having carried out a quick internet search, it wasn't difficult to discover that there are in fact two definitions of spring! No wonder my brain was confused.

The first definition is meteorological spring. This definition matches the impression that I have always had, that spring begins when March arrives. The meteorological seasons are split into four periods, each consisting of three months. For the layman like me, this is the simplest system and easy to understand....thus ticking a massive box for me.

The second definition is astronomical spring. I mean, just the terminology indicates a physics degree is necessary to understand it. This is what the met office have to say on the matter:

"Astronomical seasons refer to the position of Earth's orbit in relation to the Sun, considering equinoxes and solstices. This is due to the 23.5 degrees of tilt of the Earth's rotational axis concerning its orbit around the Sun. Since the seasons vary in length, the start date of a new season can fall on different days each year."

So, there we go. It can change every year using this obviously more complex, flawed system. Not very consistent!

As usual, it seems I have been right all along! The stated simplicity alone is reason enough to call meteorological spring the true beginning of spring. On top of this, for courier drivers (and many others), the winter months are challenging. Poor conditions, challenging weather, dark when you go to work and dark when you get home. Most people are glad to see the back of winter, especially drivers. Those little flowers are a sign of new growth and of less challenging times to come. Something that most people can probably agree is a good thing in the current state of the UK and world!

So, to answer the question is it spring yet? You bet it is!


Spring daffodils next to a field.
Spring daffodils on a grass verge.

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