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January 2024 Driver of the Month

Updated: Mar 4

Hello everyone. It is a while since we posted any results, due to the end of 2023 being incredibly busy for us. This post is also a little late, but we would like to announce our driver of the month award for January 2024.

To the surprise of nobody, Darren McCartney started the year as the person to beat. Darren posted an impressive score of 93.7! Ian Peers came in second and Paul Baker was third. All of our staff posted green for the month, with the lowest score a not too shabby 83.8 out of 100.

We have decided to change the rewards that we give to our winners from the beginning of this year. As well as vouchers, we are now going to be rewarding staff with other benefits. These awards will include additional rest days, tickets to attractions and events etc. As I write this, Darren is enjoying a Friday off and a long weekend for his efforts. We have also decided to factor in other considerations, so from next month, our driver of the month will become employee of the month.

CK Couriers driver of the month, Darren McCartney.
CK Couriers driver of the month, Darren McCartney.

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