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Our New Luton Van Is In Service

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Back in December, we added to both our fleet size and versatility, with the addition of a brand new Ford Transit Luton. This vehicle is fitted with a tail lift, side and bulk head load lock rails and load lashing rings across the load area. This high volume capacity vehicle is ideal for transporting: medical equipment, machines, furniture, cages, large/long items, pallets and exhibition materials.

The load capacity of the vehicle is as follows:

Load weight: 900kg

Load length: 4000mm

Load width: 2150mm (door 1940mm)

Load height: 2300mm (door 1950mm)

Lift weight: 500kg

Lift width: 2100mm

Lift length: 1100mm

This vehicle is in service now. For any service enquiries, please contact our friendly team.

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