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Michelle Returns to Full Time Duty!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Our regular customers, will know that Michelle stepped away from the business at the back end of last year. She decided to move to a part time role for a number of reasons, but most notably, as she had barely had a week off since 2014! We are pleased to announce that as of this week, she has officially returned to CK on a full time basis.

The past six months have been challenging for all businesses and like many, we have worked tirelessly as a company during that period, just to survive. Again, many customers will know that Michelle stepped back in to a full time role at the end of March, as we sent other staff off on furlough. We are emerging on the other side stronger than ever, thanks to hard graft and picking up new friends in the NHS and other places along the way. All but one of our team are now back in full and we are glad to officially have Michelle back as part of the team on a full time basis.

On her return to the full time fold, Michelle had this to say: "It is good to be back, Kelvin is the best-est boss on Earth. It is an honour to be in the presence of such greatness on a daily basis, it gives me more opportunity to learn from his wisdom". Or words to that effect anyway.

Michelle Lee and a CK Couriers van.
Michelle Lee, Finance Director at CK Courier Solutions Ltd.


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