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National & International Awareness Days.....From the Thought-Provoking, to the Crazy!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Hello everyone. You may, or may not be aware that today is Pigs in Blankets Day. Now I can imagine that this day brings mixed emotions, with vegan types reacting in horror and butty van loving types rejoicing in a day of greasy, pig product munching. I won't say which side of this particular fence that I am on....

The whole subject of these days is a fascinating one and whilst some days are particularly thought-provoking, like International Human Rights Day, others just seem bizarre, like National Popcorn Day. Not that I have anything against popcorn, but does it really deserve a day in the calendar? The interesting thing here is that one person's bizarre, is another person's day of pure joy. I have been studying this calendar and it highlights how different we all are, which is, of course, a good thing.

As a person charged with running the social media of a business and being far from a master at such things, I personally have found these days a solid way of interacting with others. Been a while since you have tweeted and stumped for something to say? Check out what National Day it is and send some thoughts out in to the world. Genius, if a little lazy! I am sat here writing this article, wondering if other people find this concept interesting? I don't tend to see many people on my personal social media accounts celebrating National Sickie Day, though probably for good reason. And yes CK staff, Michelle does prowl your social media for such indications! As a guy from the north of England, I'm surprised that I don't see more love for both National Pie and National Beer Day. A sure travesty.

I have selected a section of upcoming days here, which may be of particular interest....or raise an eyebrow:

Human Rights Day - 10th December

International Tea Day - 15th December

International Human Solidarity Day - 20th December

Festival of Sleep Day - 3rd January

Kiss a Ginger Day - 12th January

National Pie Day - 23rd January

National Sickie Day - 3rd February (seriously, just don't!)

World Nutella Day - 5th February

World Spay Day - 25th February (a dark day for dogs and cats everywhere)

If you would like to see a comprehensive list, to avoid disappointment and missing out, then I found all of this information here. Don't be like me, I found out a day too late about National Biscuit Day 2019, I'm still not over it.


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