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Welcome to Our New Staff

Anyone who has been following us for any length of time will know that we experienced growth all the way through 2021. We are pleased to announce that the trend has continued in to 2022. This growth has seen us introduce the new role of Transport Manager. This role will encompass the day to day management of our staff and fleet and everything that brings.

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed David Pooley to the role of Transport Manager. Dave joins us after a long career and brings a wealth of knowledge with him. We believe this knowledge will help us improve as a business, especially as we look to gain ISO accreditation in the near future.

We have also recruited some new Team Members and as it stands, are still looking to recruit at least two more. As usual, we have recruited on the basis of experience and personality. The latest recruits are Lee Davies, Adam Cox and Thomas Dunmore. Adam and Thomas have both joined us from a well known, national carrier with many years of experience between them. Lee also comes to us with a long history of delivery experience behind him. He is also a part-time actor that has been in many films and TV shows.

CK Courier Solutions staff photo.
The CK Courier team.


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