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CK Couriers Coronavirus (Covid-19) Policy

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

We have been operating our Covid-19 policy since just before the UK lockdown. During this time, we have encountered challenges and adapted our practices accordingly, whilst keeping our customers who have remained open advised. As many businesses now consider reopening their doors, we have decided to post our policy here, rather than liaise individually as we have been doing. You are still welcome to contact us directly with any questions or concerns that you may have. Thanks for taking the time to read the following policy and your understanding as to why we have to make these changes at this time.

Policy Statement

Public Health England have advised that people receiving deliveries should not be put at any additional risk to contracting Covid-19. We have and continue to adapt to this evolving situation accordingly. We take the health of our staff and customers very seriously and we continue to both monitor the situation and keep our staff advised of best working practices.

Changes to Delivery Procedures

We have made the following procedural changes to help protect both our staff and customers:

  • Staff are not permitted to enter private residences

  • Deliveries are placed on the floor and the driver will then step back to adhere to social distancing

  • The driver will ask the name of the recipient and then sign any proof of delivery on their behalf. The time and date will also be noted

  • The driver will wait to ensure the delivery is taken inside/received properly, to ensure safe delivery.

Provision of PPE

We have made every effort to ensure that our drivers are provided with the correct PPE. All of our drivers/vehicles have been supplied with the following:

  • Gloves

  • Face shields

  • Antibacterial wipes

  • Hand sanitiser.

Social Distancing, CK Premises and Service Provision

Our drivers generally start at different times during the day, limiting their interaction with each other at our premises. When this is not the case, only one member of staff is allowed in any area at any time, to maintain social distancing recommendations. Antibacterial wipes have been provided and staff are expected to wipe down all surfaces and items after use. Antibacterial soap is also provided for hand washing purposes.

When possible, our management team are working remotely from home. Home working is obviously not possible for our delivery team. Staff meetings are only taking place when necessary and social distancing is strictly adhered to on these occasions. The Company are communicating with staff via memos and technology mediums daily.

We have not experienced any issues in providing our services. However, there may be limited availability of our two-man delivery service at this time.


Within CK Courier Solutions Ltd, responsibility for ensuring compliance with this policy rests with the directors and all members of staff. The directors have overall responsibility for ensuring that junior staff implement this policy. This policy will remain in place until social distancing measures are relaxed.

The Covid-19 virus.
Coronavirus Covid-19


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