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Customer Case Study: Pink Media

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

We offer all kinds of transport solutions to our customers. We were recently contacted by Pink Media in Liverpool, who had something of a unique request. They were promoting the launch of a new Lane 7 bowling alley in Liverpool and they were looking to deliver around 60 promotional bowling pins around the city and surrounding areas. The bowling pins were to be delivered to various media outlets and bloggers, in a bid to get the grapevine buzzing about the pending opening.

Pink Media had approached a number of other companies, who were apparently a little confused by their request. Our solution was simple, we would plot the optimal route and have a couple of our guys hand deliver the bowling pins on the same day. We carried this out with minimal fuss and a smile.

Pink Media were over the moon with the results and Emma Walsh had the following to say: "At Pink Media we like to make an impact with our event invites and that means doing things a little differently. When we first spoke to courier companies about the idea of multiple drop offs for mini bowling pins they were stumped, but when we spoke to Michelle at CK Couriers she just got it. We brought this odd idea to her, a job that was going to take their drivers all over Merseyside, and she just said ‘yep, we can make it happen. The CK Couriers team have been fantastic to work with, no job is too big, too small or too unusual! We’ll definitely be coming back to them for the weird and wonderful things we’ve got planned for the future.”

If you have any weird and wonderful distribution needs that are causing your usual courier supplier to scratch their heads, then please give us a call. We will be more than happy to solve your problem with our can do approach.

Promotional bowling pin for Lane 7 Liverpool
Promotional bowling pin for the Lane 7 Liverpool launch.

The Lane 7 bowling alley opens in Liverpool tomorrow (June 6th). Check out their website, to see what the guys there offer:



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