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Social Value Policy Launched

We are pleased to (belatedly) announce that we introduced our Social Value Policy in June this year. We take our responsibility to the environment, our staff and the wider community very seriously. This policy sets out how we intend to ensure that we remain a sustainable, modern and forward thinking business now and in the future.

The policy is currently a new thing for us and we expect it to evolve quickly over time. The areas covered in the policy include:

  • Employee wellbeing

  • Commitment to equality

  • Positive impact on the economy and our communities

  • Positive impact on the environment (going hand in hand with our Environmental Policy)

The full policy can be viewed on our website here. As mentioned we will be continuing to develop this policy, so please feel free to visit us regularly to see our evolution and growth in this area.

Passion for social value.
CK Courier Solutions Social Values.


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