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Same day courier van in the snow

Dedicated Vehicle Courier Services

Running our own fleet of vehicles, we guarantee that your loads and consignments will not be cross loaded with other goods. There aren't many requests that we haven't handled over the years and we have delivered pretty much everything, including the actual Thunderbird One!

The benefit of dedicated vehicle services are numerous. Delivering directly from the collection to the delivery point, means no warehouses or vehicle transfers. This offers much greater security and significantly reduces the risk of loss or damage. 


Our Dedicated Vehicle Courier Services Include:

Maximum Security and Peace of Mind

With no warehouses or transport hubs involved in the chain, your goods are collected and delivered by the same vehicle.

Day Rate Solutions Available

For local deliveries, we can offer day-rate solutions. This can include our two-person delivery services.

Deliveries to Ireland & Northern Ireland

We can accommodate dedicated vehicle deliveries to the whole of Ireland. This can even be the same day.

Two-Person Delivery Service

For bulky and heavy items, we can arrange for a two-person delivery team. This can include a premium, room of choice service.

Wait and Return Delivery Service

We offer a wait and return service, including when an overnight wait is required. What ever your requirements, we can help.

Same Day and Next Day Deliveries

We can deliver your loads the same, or next day as required. We can also accommodate time and other requirements.

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