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Medical Courier Services

Originally starting our journey as a dedicated medical courier, providing medical courier services remains at the core of our business. Our team are highly trained and experienced at working with this sector.

We provide a specialist, door to door medical courier service. As an approved supplier, we regularly collect and deliver sensitive documents, medical equipment, prescriptions and pathology samples (including ADR transport) on behalf of a number of local hospitals, organisations and NHS trusts.


Our Medical Courier Services Include:

Pathology and Dry Ice Sample Delivery

We can carry pathology samples, including those packed in dry ice. We also offer a dry ice supply service.

Medical Equipment Transportation

We can transport all manner of medical equipment and supplies, including two-person deliveries. 

Pharmacy and Prescription Delivery

We are able to deliver pharmaceuticals & prescriptions, including controlled substances & refrigerated items. 

Sensitive Documents and Equipment

We are experienced at facilitating the movement of sensitive documents and data, including IT equipment.

Wait and Return Delivery Service

We offer a wait and return service, including when an overnight wait is required. What ever your requirements, we can help.

Internal Mail and Departmental Deliveries

We offer an internal mail courier link service. This includes other internal deliveries between departments and sites.

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